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Steel cost?

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For reference:

1.5"x0.25"x12" bar of mild (1018) steel from McMaster Carr = $7.02 (about $5.50/pound)

Same bar from my local metals supplier would be about $0.85/pound


If you were to order the same dimensions of 1084 from the NJ Steel Baron it is about $7.84 per foot (if you buy the whole 4 foot length at $31.37.

W1 drill rod from a local vendor is about $9/pound when buying 3 foot rods.

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There's a big difference in the price of different kinds of steel. Let us know what you're wanting and we can be of more assistance.



Most of the local steel shops here only carry low carbon steels. For a low carbon steel like 1018 or A36 then that price doesn't sound out of line but these aren't steels that can be used for making blades. Give us some more information and we'll try to steer you in the right direction.



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Also depends on how it has been dimensioned. Precision ground v cold rolled v hot rolled, etc. can play a huge factor. For forgework, the less precise the better, which unfortunately is harder to come by if it's not from a scrapyard. As has been mentioned, the grade of steel and the precision of the specifications dramatically change cost. Once you start narrowing down what you want (type, size, etc.) the cost begins to creep up... Remember that as smiths we have the ability to do what few other professions are capable of- changing those dimensions to anything we want (within reason, of course), as long as we have a fire :rolleyes:



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we pay around $.75 a LB for hot rolled mild (A36) $.95-1.25 for cold rolled (1018) from our local steel house, they deliver anything over $100 order. Higher carbon runs the gambit of $2.25 lb for 1050 locally to $12-15 for L6 or even higher for alloys like H13.

$1.25 seems about right for mild.


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carbon steel here if bought in full lengths is around £ 1.30 to £3.50 a pound.

The guys using precision ground 01 are paying around 3 to 5 times that much.

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