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Damascus steel bars for sale

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Both bars are 19c27 and 302 stainless steel with a random pattern.

The first bar on the top is 12" long, 1 3/4" wide, and .168" thick for $138.30.

The second bar on the bottom is 10 1/2" long, 1 3/4" wide, and .135" thick for $111.13.


Properly heat treated this steel is great! It cuts very well. It has good contrast and is easy to etch. I know many knife makers who prefer to work with this steel! This is how we heat treat our stainless steel Damascus when the layers are AEB-L and 301.


In case anyone needs some tips for stainless:



  • Preheat furnace to Austenizing temperature
  • Place blade in furnace​
  • Allow furnace to cycle back to Austenizing temperature
  • Soak for 15 minutes
  • Quench in oil
  • Temper 2 times for 1 hour each time
  • Quench in liquid nitrogen for 4 hours and re-temper 1 time




Stainless 1925F 350F

  • Take blade to 400 grit finish (must be a sharp belt)
  • Do not buff before etching
  • To etch, submerse blade in a 50/50 solution of ferric chloride and distilled water for 10 minutes
  • Remove blade and rinse under running water
  • Repeat every 5 minutes until desired results are obtained
  • For a brighter blade, buff and reetch 1 time
  • Neutralize with tri sodium phosphate



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