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Here is a photographic compilation of the collection I inherited from my late Great-Grandfather, who was involved in several conflicts of war, and traveled in between...
























Pondered upon a rainy plateau, with a coal forge, and many dragon.

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Wow a nice collection as well as varied collection of different subject matter. You have inherited a collection to be treasured not only for what it is but for the fact that is was passed down from your Great-Grandfather!


I know little to nothing about Japanese swords but that blade looks like a real treasure. There are some on here that can tell you a lot about it and may be even able to translate the writing. Do you have the handle and the guard? I will take some flack for that because I know there are proper names for the parts of a Japanese sword, however I don't now enough to use the proper terminology so will not butcher the names or pretend to know what I am talking about!


There are some really interesting pieces in that collection. There is some rust that concerns me but I also do not have the proper knowledge of how to handle that. I will tell you this do not sand or polish those areas.Sanding those areas can seriously damage the value of such a piece. Seek out some of the collectors here on the forum and get advice on how to handle that rust. Improper removing of it will greatly effect a treasure!


Your Great-Grandfather had a very nice collection!

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Thank you for the compliments, this was an extremely powerful surprise to have presented to me.


I do not have any of the partner items for the Katana-esque sword, just what was pictured. I have posted it in the "Maker's marks to be identified" forum, and have gotten some interesting feedback there.


so far I have simply put natural oil on all exposed metal, in hopes of abating any future rust development. I do not want to hurt any of these more than they have been already! Any help or advice is surely appreciated as I am rather clueless on how to treat such items in a manner befitting. Thanks again!

Pondered upon a rainy plateau, with a coal forge, and many dragon.

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you might want to do some research on the "Randall made" knife, some older models are discontinued and are highly sought after by collectors

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The Randall is a Model 3, I think. It's still in the catalog. With the sheath and sharpening stone that is something a Randall collector would love. I would contact Randall and ask if they can identify the exact model and time period, and give some tips on how to (or whether to) clean it up. For the moment I would do nothing, but I would bet some advice PDQ. There is a Randall Collectors forum over at Bladeforums.com, they would be my first stop.


Nice collection of things, I think there is some $ value there, aside from the personal value to you.



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John, your a very fortunate fella. i wanted to ask what is stamped on the blade of the large No. 6 folder?


thank you, gary t

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Jajimi, there's two crosses one side, and No. 6 Stainless steel on the other. On the No.6 side it also carries the words "Hunting Knife"


I thought this one was interesting as when its folded the guard folds with it, and the blade is not completely contained.




Pondered upon a rainy plateau, with a coal forge, and many dragon.

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I really like the folding one with the guard. It is just cool, and looks good, too.


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