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My damascus wedding ring, made for me by me!

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Hi guys


I got married last year 29 November 2014 and decided to make my own
wedding ring so a friend hooked me up with the damascus and I created the ring
at a jewellers training studio(my friends wife studio).


The brides ring was bought from a jeweller and our wedding photographer took
all the photos before and during the wedding.



It was fun making the ring and taught me a new art that is amazingly relaxing.

Material = Damascus steel(carbon),9 carat gold and sterling silver for inside sleeve, the ring is
punched inside with the correct gold and silver codes.


Any criticism and thumbs ups will be welcomed!!

To admin if the pics are too big please delete


Thanks Martin












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Thanks Wes, when my ring were completed the missus said she also wants 1, i know my uploads was quiet or none last year but this year i`m planning more wips and show and tells, getting into more knife making and posting!!

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Hi Tim I do actually have a couple of pics on my camera at home that I snapped to follow some of the steps, thank you for reminding me i will post them on here for you!!

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Ok as promised the little WIP of the ring!!



Firstly my friend Neels had a bar of damascus steel and it was send to the engineers
for machining to the correct inside diameter not sure what it was but big
enough that the sterling sleeve will fit inside. The sterling sleeve will be
the correct ring size!!



This is as the engineering guys finished it off.



Then I went to a friend with a hobby lathe, the rings were too
thick and needed to take a 1mm or more of that it will be a wearable thickness
we started with a piece of wood that we slide the rings over, later realised
that it(the wood) made the 2 rings oval so we used a piece of thermal plastic
and superglue(I think you guys calls it crazy glue)to hold the rings and slowly
machined it down









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Sorry no pics of us trying to turn the rings from oval to


In this pic I am checking the rings and after used some
sanding paper to “polish” the outside diameter




Removing the plastic inner to loosen up the rings




Removing the plastic inner to loosen up the rings



Here are the rings after heat treating them and with edging in ferric chloride












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I forgot to take photo’s smelting the gold and sterling and
the casting you’re hands are very busy at that stage


So here are the sterling already rolled out and still need
some rolling





The silver is rolled out and I used a jewellers saw to make
it square



The sleeve is soldered and my friend’s wife is punching the
sterling and gold jewellers stamp


Now the gold went through the casting and is rolled in gold wire(square wire) and
is soldered into a ring shape object and I am busy round it of on special
tool(the name escaped me)







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A lot of coffee was consumed and everything is now ready to be assembled or
almost peened is how I describing it and then sanding and polishing of the
outside of the silver sleeve and then I was all done(Some steps like hand sanding
like a mad man was not photographed but everyone gets the picture)












I hope everything is explained in layman’s terms because I’m not a jeweller and do not know all the correct terms, I feel monkey see monkey do that is how I operate!!


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good for you! I hope to make my own ring, too. However, mine will just be platinum. Or maybe white gold.


probably white gold, actually.


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