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titanium for sale

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Gauging interest in titanium sheet/plate and large diameter rounds.


I have recently found a relatively abundant supply of titanium plate/sheet .05-.312 thick and some large diameter round drops 6-10" dia X 1/2 -1" long.


The Material is 6al4v and CP titanium.


The cp is more abundant in thicker plate and rounds but there is a decent amount of the 6al4v in the plate/sheet.


The price obviously varies by the piece but as an example I have some of the 6al4v .188 9.5X12" for 75$


and a piece of the cp round .340 thick X 7.25 dia for 50$


If anyone is interested let me know and I would love to pass on these deals i would like to see my fellow makers use this stuff rather than see it go to the scrappers





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