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High-end belt grinder WIP


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My recently built mini grinder works OK, but it has several disadvantages due to my initial lack of experience. Several years and a lot of lessons later, now I decided to build high-end piece that suits my needs for many years to come.

As a design engineer, I start all my projects with CAD, this one being no exception. The attached document is the result of many-many hours of thinking and modelling, and now I can say that the model is complete to the last screw. The machine accepts 2x72" belts both in horizontal and vertical position. Most of its plates can be cut by hand or at your local steel yard (all but one plates are 10mm thick) and welded together with some experience, while the turned components can be made with a bench lathe. It accepts most motor sizes around 1.5Hp and an optional VFD. The tooling arm and the attached components can be easily changed. I tried really hard to think about everything.


But now I need your help.


Many members have a lot more experience with belt grinders than me, and I could really use some input should something be changed. I greatly appreciate any opinion regarding the design. If I complete the machine, I'm gonna document the process and make all the blueprints available for free. Now let the process begin.



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The supporting arm of the tool rest seem to block access to the platen. A different approach may be needed here. Also I believe a wider (left to right) rest table would be beneficial. As long as all belt paths are clear of knobs it looks good to me otherwise. Good luck with your project.

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I contemplated building my own KMG clone, but wasn't sure I could manage the tolerance requirements to make it truly superb rather than just functional.

It looks like you have that part covered. <_<

As far as design features, I will second George's comments that the support arm for the table will interfere with drawing things across the platen when in the vertical position.

I also feel like the table doesn't have enough surface area to provide a stable guide surface to keep longer knives at the intended angle.


The second knob for securing the tool arm isn't needed, as long as the arm to socket fit is a close tolerance. On my KMG, once you slide the arm into the frame, there is no wiggle side to side whatsoever, but it glides smoothly and easily in and out of its socket. :ph34r: (no comments from the peanut gallery.)


My last comment, for now; I like that you extended the handle on the tension bar for belt changes. The handle on my KMG is functional, but more leverage would be nice.


Keep us updated!


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