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W2 and Mesquite Hunter

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Hey yall. Just cranked out another one for a good family friend of mine. He gave me basic measurements of what he was looking for, and left the rest up to me. Of course I had to use mesquite, being one of my favorite woods, and then I decided to try some of aldos w2. Pretty good stuff I'd have to say. I need to experiment more with hamons as I have never been happy with any I have made.


Anyways, here's the good stuff.



Overall: 8.5"


Cutting edge: 3 3/4"


Handle: Mesquite harvested from my place, water buffalo horn spacers, Nickel silver fittings. Tru-oil with a pure carnuaba wax finish.


Steel: W2 clay coated. Hybrid quench in brine to oil.









Here's a close up to help visualize what the hamon looks like.




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Thanks guys. To me, it's just a classy wood. It can have some wild figure, but it can be subtle too. Plus the rich dark brown color after its aged a bit is unique.


Jess, I quenched in warm brine for 1 second (i couldn't afford to loose this blade with a longer quench, broke college student here) and then into very hot peanut oil to finish it up. Check for warpage, and temper.

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Oh wow, I really like that one and the sheath is outstanding as well! 2thumbs.gif

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