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I was lucky enought to create a really funny thing! It is a broken-back seax from central Europe (Great Moravia at the 9th century), and it´s interesting because of one thing - it has fake lines, that are trying to immitate PW rod and wolf´s teeth weld!

So, here is how I went about it... and the last picture, well.... that´s my new love, Chewbacca.



IMG_0732 (1280x960).jpg


IMG_0731 (1280x960).jpg


IMG_0730 (1280x960).jpg


IMG_0728 (1280x960).jpg


IMG_0726 (1280x960).jpg

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great use of the circle-dot motif.

nice blade, too!

I can only dream about that hammer. That is massively cool.

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