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Asst. tools, Sea Robin Anvil, Vertical forge and a 25# LG available for "Locals" ;)

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Got a few items to offer up that I just don't use enough to warrant the space they take up in my tiny little shop ;)

These are big and heavy so I am offering them for local (Oahu) pick up only... (I'll ship the aluminum discs ;) )
It's a good opportunity if you live on Oahu (or know someone that does and wants anything here) and wanted to pick some of these
tools up and save a bit on shipping as well ;)

I'll list them all for a quick reference and post some pics... but took a bunch of pics of each so if anyone is interested
I can post more of the item you'd like to see.

All are in great or unused condition and work fine.

1. KMG EF-48 Horizontal Grinder - 115v Leeson Motor - Variable Speed
Extension plate for 72" belts
Work rest for 4 inch drive wheel
4 inch drive wheel
5 small wheels - on my calipers 1.72, .98, .73, .68 and .375
Reversing Switch


Got $2,000 in this BEFORE shipping costs - off to a new home for $GONE

2. Covington 761 WBL Deluxe wet belt sander
I'll throw in the sic belts I purchased along with the diamond belts (they were stored so I am not sure they will hold)
and the black sprayer bottle for an easy water feed.


New $866.25 before shipping costs - off to a new home for $GONE

3. Lorntone TS10 All stainless 10 inch wet trim saw
Comes with an almost brand new thin diamond saw installed.
Large rock holder
Straight edge fixture
Extra Diamond Blade
note... plastic cover fell down and cracked... put it back together... they cost $75 if you order a new one


Got $1,000 in this BEFORE shipping costs in this one - off to a new home for $GONE

4. MJR Tumbler
Comes with included small blue container
Additional Blue container along with 4 additional larger tumblers...
All containers are unused
Included grit for rock tumbling

Got $500 in this BEFORE shipping - off to a new home for $GONE

5. Darren Ellis 12 inch vertical forge
Comes with Blacksmith's Depot 164 cfm forge blower
Forge is already lined and ready for the blown burner set up
Also will include a little galvanized storage "hut" I made for the unit ;)


Got $750 in this BEFORE shipping costs - off to a new home for $GONE

6. Sea Robin Forge - Custom Double Knife Maker's Anvil
A very limited number of these were made and are no longer being produced
@200 pounds with one end solid and the other with a 1" hardy hole.
Because I had two made I only "dressed" the hardy hole side of this one.
I use my second one set with the solid side up.
Anvil can be flipped on it's pivot and the cable is included
The solid side, is as received and I will leave it up to the new owner to "Dress" it as they like.

This is $GONE to a new home and you pick it up -

I actually wouldn't mind keeping this one so I might change my mind if the other stuff clears out ;)

7. Beaumont Metal Works 9" Aluminum grinding discs
I have one flat and one beveled that have never been used.


These are $83 each plus shipping - $GONE for both - I suppose I could ship these ;)

8. 25# Little Giant Power Hammer - H4374
This hammer came from ABS Mastersmith Lin Rhea and was rebuilt by one of two experts
on rebuilding these hammers - Russell Cashion
Includes the hammer and converter for the motor - Runs on 220 20 amp
The wood base
The "little house and covering"
Rebuilding the Little Giant Power Hammer 2 disc set
The Power Hammer Cycle - How to cure the bang-tap-miss blues - Dave Manzer - Wild Rose Forge
The Little Giant Powerhammer book by Richard R. Kern
Original dies as received from Lin
2 Sets of interchangeable top and bottom dies (one installed)
1 Set of drawing dies
1 Set of flat dies
1 half round die
1 Set of combination dies
1 Set of custom flat dies
1 Set of crown dies
2 Extra Keys
1 spare spring


I have over $7,000 in this great little tool - you make arrangements to pick up - $Gone (to a new home just down the street ;) ) and she is all yours.

I actually wouldn't mind keeping this one so I might change my mind if the other stuff clears out ;)

I also have a 2 large Little Giant hand crank blowers, 2 step vices, a smaller Vulcan anvil a fire pot and
a few other forging items that I will post up a little later for the "local" forging gang ;)

Thanks for looking












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