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Caveman and others

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Here an update, some of my latest work.

The Caveman - all made from recycled materials - damascus from16th century wrought iron mixed with a high carbon steel, handle from Mammoth rib - buffalo horn, red copper pin and in the end of the handle a piece of abalone - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang.
Brut de Forge Bushcrafter - Modified CM60 steel with 16th century bog oak wood handle - Black buffalo horn and a piece of deer antler - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang.
Hunter - C100 steel, water quenched (yak ire) - handle from dear antler, red copper pin - buffalo horn and red copper, bolster from mokume gane - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang - Sheath is made by Frederiek De Vette.
Thanx for watching, cheers Igor.
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