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Puukko Overload featuring pacific yew

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These days I've been making puukkos with pacific yew handles. I picked up the wood myself a couple years ago back in the mountains. Its hard stuff, between maple and hickory in hardness, as I recall. Real nice grain and color. Blades are by a Finnish smith Jaaranen. I've enjoyed the challenge of traditional Scandinavian sheathes and the various clever suspensions. Here are the pics with a few notes:





Blackened wrought iron fittings




Bronze fittings





More bronze:




AND more bronze:




And my favorite: brass with vine maple, another wood I brought back from the mountains.


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Love the sheathes! I that yew looks awesome, and I'm liking the forged finish as well.

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I like them, too. the wrought iron fittings, while maybe not traditional, are just right.

this type of knife, and its relatives, are really influential for me lately.


That yew seems like it must be good stuff.


keep at it!

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