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Hopefully you do not take this the wrong way, I am not meaning to say that these knives are bad or that it is never okay to make a rough knife, we all start somewhere and these look better than my first few.

One design recommendation would be to make the handle the same width as the blade's riccaso so the overall shape flows into the handle more.

also, draw up a side view of a knife you would like to make on paper and keep revising the blade and handle shape it until it is good. it takes me at least 5 times to go from a general idea to a good paper representation.

If you are stumped do an image search for "hunting knife" pick one you like and draw it as closely as possible then, revise it to your liking.

keep up the work and you will increase in skill you will learn how to take a bar of steel and shape it to almost exactly what you intended.

To restate I am not meaning to insult your work I am just trying to save you some time, it took me months before I was willing to look at my work critically.

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they look good, and I bet they are quite functional. I agree, as you develop, try and keep the top of the handle in line with the spine of the blade, and at least the junction of the bottom of the handle level with the bottom of the ricasso (or edge, depending upon your blade geometry). This is not required, but suggested, since it will fit what most people want.


I have made a lot of knives that did not do this, of course, but every time I did, someone kindly reminded me to try it this way next time.


If you are going to sell your work, that will become quite important.


these are better than my early stuff, for sure. I am not at all criticizing. Just mentioning a style issue that will become important when you move into selling your work.


keep banging on the steel!


and keep sharing them with us.

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