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Collab With Mark Green

Emiliano Carrillo

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Hey all!


A few months ago I messaged our own Mark Green about possibly doing a collaboration together. He responded positively and sent me two seaxes from one of his latest runs of home made steel. The deal was made that he would send me two seaxes heat treated and tempered and I would take care of the rest. I would keep one and he would keep the other.


I took way too long finding the right inspiration to finish these and had the blades sitting there waiting for me to hilt them up for a few weeks. I finally got an idea I liked and this past week has been spent frantically working to get these done right!




Both seaxes are finished with moose antler and ring dots in a shape I really like and stacked birch bark with applewood handles from a tree nearby.



Each seax sheath is based on different stories. The Anglo-Saxon styled one is the Sigurd story from the Volsung Saga and the Scandinavian one is based on Odin's kids trying to beat up Loki's kids :lol:



Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for themselves!







The blades as they arrived prior to final profiling and polishing.




The Scandinavian styled seax polished up and ready for the etch.




The ancient grain Mark created peaking through!




This one has some weird cloudy halon-like areas and some super fine grain.




The handle on the larger seax gave me a lot of problems. The birch loved to split on me and I had to constantly re glue it together. The Anglo-Saxon seax took a lot less time and was much easier to finish up! Here you can see the next project on the list, my first langseax that I hope to have sheathed up before Fire and Brimstone!




The handle did get finished eventually, though, and then I decided to try my hand at doing some simple leather tooling. I've never done this kind of thing before really, not satisfactorily anyway. The first one turned out a little rough, but the second was much better!








Now onto the second! I did all the tooling yesterday in a few hours which was waaaaay faster than the first sheath.




A few hours ago, both finished with matching fittings.




Slightly closer, you can see the difference in the tooling styles pretty clearly here.




I'll get better photos tomorrow before shipping out the Scandinavian style seax to Mark!



Hope you guys like them :D


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Awesome! Lots of great collaborations going on these days.

“If you trust in yourself. . . believe in your dreams. . . and follow your star. . . you will still get beaten by the people who have spent their time working hard and learning things, the people who weren't so lazy.” ~ Terry Pratchett


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Wow, I am very impressed, collaboration well done!!!! Not sure what you didn't like about the one sheath but both are impressive. I have never tried my hand a carving but a couple of times and I was not impressed with my own results!! I think that is one of those things that the more you do the better you get, as most things!


You know I honestly can't say I was a Seax or Sword person when I joined this forum way back when but, the more fantastic work I see being turned out is making me a convert! You can't help but appreciate the hard work that goes into these fantastic pieces.


Emiliano, it may have taken you a while to get inspiration but once you got started you really did a superb job!! Mark the steel that those are made from well...................wow, that is an inspiration of its own!! My compliments to both of you! bow.gif

C Craft Customs ~~~ With every custom knife I build I try to accomplish three things. I want that knife to look so good you just have to pick it up, feel so good in your hand you can't wait to try it, and once you use it, you never want to put it down ! If I capture those three factors in each knife I build, I am assured the knife will become a piece that is used and treasured by its owner! ~~~ C Craft

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Thanks everyone! :D


Mark made some really fantastic steel so I was ecstatic to be able to do my take on it!


Cliff, I dunno the first one was without beveling any of the edges of the leather and when I tried it on the second one I realized it was the way to go! I'm in the same boat as you though, when I first joined here I was just getting the itch for ancient germanic stuff and it was like wild fire!


Zeb, thanks! I'm hoping my work starts going in this general direction more and more, with maybe a bit of wood carving thrown into the mix to liven things up ;)





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Excellent work man!

George Ezell, bladesmith

" How much useful knowledge is lost by the scattered forms in which it is ushered to the world! How many solitary students spend half their lives in making discoveries which had been perfected a century before their time, for want of a condensed exhibition of what is known."

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