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Falcata style falcon knife

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Playing with shapes these days and this one is a short falcata style blade, perahps a companion or backup knife for an ancient soldier. Falcata handles are often shaped like horse heads but as I envisioned this one, I saw more of a falcon head.. So I went with it and carried the idea into a talon like guard and into the sheath.

This one is W2 with a 13 5/8" blade and is 19" OAL. The fittings are wrought iron and copper with an aged white oak handle and hemp wrap as the falcon's collar.






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Oh man, that is super great. It all goes together so nicely. I struggle with that sometimes, wanting everything to fit together so "harmoniously", for lack of a better word, but you always seem to hit the right note :)

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That is a fantastic piece ! Absolutely in love with the organic tones and texture, and the general flow of the whole weapon. The idea of the falcon and his 'collar' neat bit of creativity.


Would you be willing to share a bit about your methodology for getting that incredible,crisp hamon ? I have some W-2 from Aldo I've been experimenting with, but haven't been able to get anything so stunning.

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Hmmm... I guess I need to get out more.. ha.. I've mostly seen horse heads but granted I haven't done a whole lot of research into them yet.


Thanks for the comments all.


As far as how I did the hamon.. not sure what I do that would be different than the next guy.. Part of the high contrast is the "polishing". I took it to 800x then etch in ferric chloride and rubbed the oxides off with a metal polish. That leaves it the two tone grey. I tend not to like getting the whitish hamons unless I've sanded it up to high grits. I don't like the look of the horizontal sanding scratches mixed into the hamon so much so for the brut de forge type pieces, I tend to stay more in the greys..

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well, I really like this one. There appears to be a lot of activity in that hamon, if you wanted to polish it and make it whitish. no matter, it still looks great.

love it when a theme works out.


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