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O6 tool steel for forging and damascus?


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I found someone on Craig's list that has a bunch of 3/4" O6. Has anyone tried using it for forging and making damascus? It's all ruff stuff not the drill rod most in 30 foot sections that he's selling for $2 ft.


Thanks for the advise


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I think for the price its very good. If you are making chisels and tools you are going to be happy. I personally don't like tool steel for knives, it's very stiff and not very flexible. I choose to use 10 series spring steels because they can be hard yet tough and flexible. But for the price I would buy it, you can never have too many chisels.

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O6 has a abundance of graphite, which makes it "slick" and therefore very good for tools that need some element of self-lubrication. There is one type of knife I've considered for this material, and that's a ductwork blade - cutting through sheet metal all day would benefit from this alloy, I think. Few other uses come to mind where there isn't a better alternative.


But for tooling, punches, swages, stamps, etc., it's great stuff. If I lived there I'd be all over 10 feet of it or so.

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I seem to recall Bill Moran used this alloy some for hunting knives. With 1.45% carbon, it should certainly get hard enough....

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