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It has a busy month for me and it is barely half over!

first is a Damascus arming sword with steel fittings and a leather and wood grip, A bit more polishing on the pommel and a sheath and this one is out the door. engraving is by Michael Coffey.


next up is a Big seax in W2 with hamon the guard is bronze adn the wood is black walnut I need to re polish and possably etch the blade after I scratched it doing the final assembly... (ALLWAYS use a brand new lint free paper towel to clean up epoxy off the blade!!!)11039189_10204407677688969_4090481153952180664_n.jpg

next up is a Pugio for a customer blade on this one is 1075 and the handle is bronze olive wood and curly maple, 11057247_10204448372546315_5990578538250348233_n.jpg still need quite a bit of work,

I finished up a bare blade order for one of the Biggest swords I have ever forged, a 43" blade 56" overall sword in L6 11064796_10204428807977213_6408746858768588407_n.jpg I named it big Pocking sword ... and lastly a Axechete this is one of the few Mid tech designs we make, the preform is cut form 1/4" 80crv2 by Aldo on his water jet and then the edge and spike are forged in this one is just out of heat treating, still needs the edge re polished, handle cord wrapped and sharpening. 10649501_10204442327515193_4359859895785772200_n.jpg and more to come soon!

let me know what you think guys

thanks MP

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That seax!

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I agree with JD. the pugio will be great when done, but the arming sword is just bad.

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I got the Pugio finished up, that was a lot tougher design to execute than I had thought it would be. ended up cracking the first guard section .. tried to save it..... and ended up just redoing the stupid thing.

pugio in progress.jpg





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finished up a bunch of this stuff, seax is finished, pugio is finished, sword is finished and the axechete is finished, went and saw sharp Coop for photos on the seax, sword and pugio so I will be posting those when I get them but for now, ... let me know what you think






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dude, I am all about that pugio and the arming sword. Those are both triumphs.

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