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I think this is the right place for this so here goes.


The theme of this KITH got me really inspired to get a few things actually completed and along the way I realized I might be able to contribute(at least a little) to this wonderful group.


While away from home this past weekend I able to collect a good bit of Birch bark (completely legally). This is MN white or paper Birch (I don't know exact tree species). Having looked at sold sources of bark I cut up what I was able to collect into similar sized bundles (5 pcs-~17cmx17cm). I was only able get about 4 decent bundles worth but I am putting them out there for those who don't really have access and want to experiment with the stuff. I have only begun to work with the material so I don't know a lot about it, even so what I have been able to read it seems fairly straightforward. All I ask is for whoever wants a bundle to pay the shipping and hopefully share (pic's, info, whatever) of whatever you are able to make with it.


I may have time to get more before this Kith is complete, but I'll have to find out how much interest there is and what time allows me.


If this post is inappropriate I ask the Administrators to remove it and let me know.


Thank you all for sharing what you do.



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