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MEMENTO MORI - remind of your mortality!

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hi all,

´MEMENTO MORI` was the theme for this project.

reflections about life and death were important for people round the world and through all centuries:
many examples in arts and tombstones show it.

this is my interpretation in form of a maroccan dagger (koummya, a north-african variation of the jambiya)

W1 with forged fullers
total 43cm, blade 23cm

ebony black and white

redheart/chokte kak

wrought iron

antique hourglass

thanks for looking
...and remember: memento mori!














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I always enjoy seeing your artistry. Beautiful! Not just the knife but elegantly displayed as well.


I've done a raised-rib Persian blade before and know the work involved. Thanks for sharing.



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That is one of the coolest, and most elegant, knives I have ever seen. Like most of us, I spend at least some time each day looking at knives, and I have for the last decade. Truly, that is one of the best I have seen. It elicits from me the same level of reaction that Don Fogg's work, or JD's work, elicits. This is just the knife. The entire package is remarkable. It demonstrates, once again, that the art and craft of knifemaking is so much more than simply making a tool (though there is always the beautiful fact that making a tool still the heart and soul of what we do).


I really don't think I have adequate words to explain what I think and feel because of this one. I guess that is the most important part. It makes me feel things.



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The bronze fangs on the guard really make the knife look alive! How in the world were they attached? Are they rivets going through the blade? I have never heard of Memento Mori, and it makes a lot of sense, especially when applied to the bubonic plague!

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Wow, that is simply an amazing piece.

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As expected that is the entire package and this time I mean that literately! I have to say one thing that grabs my eyes is the mirror polish on the edges and then into the textured center with color. I wouldn't even ask how you accomplished that but it is an amazing detail, amongst many other details that set this piece off!! Then again knowing your work I would expect nothing less from one on your knives! Truly great work!424t.jpg

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Whoa! I didn't expect this when I clicked the link, but I love it all the same! It is just far enough from your familiar work to draw me into all those details, and just similar enough that I still find them impeccable B) Awesome theme for the blade, and accompanying embellishments too.



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Wow Gerhard. You never cease to impress. I love reflections on mortality. Western culture seems to shy away from death as a legitimate subject, so I am glad whenever I see someone make a statement about it.

Edited by Wes Detrick
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thank you all for posting,

I`m glad you like this project with its provoking theme!


@C Craft,

the forged fullers are sandblast, brushed with a steelwire and stained,

then I polished the rest as usual.


@Wesley Albertson,

these ´fangs´ are short bronce-rods, matching the diameter of the fullers.

it was impossible (...for me) to make such an complicated slot with a lathe- so I had to do it the ´redneck-engeniering´- way... :huh:

I´m happy that it worked ( and looks) so well.


@kevin the prof,

you nailed it with your words: `` It makes me feel things. ´´

that was my intention.



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