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Complete Smithing Setup

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Posting this for a friend. He is looking to sell a compleate smithing setup consisting of a nicely done scratch built propane forge, old unmarked 300+ lb anvil in good condition, steel stand that holds the anvil and forge and a few tongs and hammers. He is asking $1,600 for the set. Pickup only in north east NJ or, schedule permitting, the very south east corner of PA. If anyone is intrested let me know and I can get some pictures. Thanks.

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Just a quick update. I now have pictures of the anvil and forge. He would preffer to sell them as a set but will sell them individualy for a fair offer. He is also looking to sell several post vices, a mannual drill press and a variety of other wood and metalworking tooling which have not been dug out yet. If anyone in northern NJ or south east PA may be interested let me know.

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