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Scrap/Salvage Sword or Silk purse outta a Sow's Ear?

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Well I am plugging away as best as I can wih this bum hand.. waiting for the VA to get around and get his thing cut out so things are going very slow work wise..stuff is taking 4 or 5 times as long to do..but it is getting done..


Here is a salavge sword..made from all re-claimed.recycled materials..the only new material was the solder that I used to sweat the fittings together.


Bladde length is 29 3/4" and the center corfes are welded up from an old bed frame and a de-certified LPG tank. The edges are from an old truck coil spring.


The Cu guard and pommel plates are from an old Cu Buss bar, the brass is re-melted cartridghe cases that are no longer loadable. Grip is an old bone that I had left over that I gave my "special treatment" and turned it into "bovine ivory".. OAL: 37 1/2". Didn't turn out half bad for what it started out as..especially when you consider I am basically working with one hand...


This is being sent off this week down to my e-vile minions at RPFS.. Gotta get some lucre in this place as I am going to be out of work for a good bit after the surgery.


Let me all know what ya think..










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The blade is awesome. What really draws my eye on this piece though is the grip. The way the center piece plays off of the ends is quite striking.I suppose I will have to go and check your books to see if this special process is in them and I am just not remembering it at 5am and without caffiene.

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Damn Jim, that is a nice sword. One or two hands... looks good to me. The welding is great, as usual.


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Makes you (me) want to grap it and do some "foe-fighting", IMO. The proportions look very good to me and of course the workmanship. Does the handle feel comfortable, as the wider (or larger) flared end is towards the guard, (which is probably where it belongs)? Did you start the blade edge at the ricasso with a rounded file?

Thank you I am starting something similar, Gary T.

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Beautiful work as always Jim. What you can do with a scrap pile (or a poop snake for that matter!) makes me lament all the money I've spent on steel in my shop. Although, I AM eyeing a spare bed frame we have now.... ;)


Thanks for the inspiration.

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