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La Farga Catalana

Mark Green

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Here is a blurry view of the bloom through the tuyure. Different from the typical round furnace, the bloom here is easily seen. Its pretty neat seeing the iron hit the bloom and weld and cool.


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Hi Gang,

I missed this earlier. Anyway, the dark parts that you see are actually the chunky ore from the ramp. The bright slaggy stuff is the reducing ore, and slag coming down from the center, where you have a basic smelt going the whole run.
It was a bit scary to see at first, as the last thing you ever want to see is something that dark ( cold) in your tuyere port !

However, this was fun to watch, as the reducing slag and ore would slowly brighten the dark lumps until they would blend. After a while, it all blended out, to that nice bright (hot) slaggy look you want to see. :)

Mark Green


I have a way? Is that better then a plan?

(cptn. Mal)

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