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Just in time! Finished the sheath today after starting it yesterday. Because of the humidity the leather took forever to dry after wet forming...

In the spirit of the theme, I used some scrap leather for the sheath too, but because it was about twice as thick as it needed to be, I had to use a block plane to take it down to size. Surprisingly, it was very easy to do, and removed the majority of the poor quality spongy flesh on the inside of the leather.




After the worst of the strings were taken out, the plane removed nice even strips




Stitching was an interesting experience. As with most things, this was my first time doing a sheath like this, so I learned a lot in the process. I've never wet formed leather over wood and kept the leather going over the handle, but it behaved nice enough, and when the leather dried, it was nice and rigid.


Thinking ahead, I left the leather over sized because I knew I would dig myself into a hole if I cut it to size first. So, to trim it, I used the trusty spoke shave, which was a dream.




Cutting an eye finished it off, so it was onto the sealing from here.




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And here is the finished knife! It's been a wild ride trying to do this all at my desk, but it was worth it! Thanks for following along, and I look forward to the drawing!



35- finished smaller.jpg

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Thanks! Because of the shop limitations, I had to find a lot of creative uses for hand tools :rolleyes:

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