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Australian Army Stiletto


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My attempt at an AAS replica with a suitably military theme given its a military knife and 100 yr anniversary of ANZAC day yesterday.


Lest we forget.










Damascus blade and guard, g10 core with flame sheoak outer. This entire knife is as dimensionally accurate (within 0.5mm) as I could get it based on the specifications I was provided.


Damascus billet is one I forged earlier specifically for this project. Naturally I made too much so have a few other blades on the go of a different style. 1075 & 15N20.


I documented the full build on my FB page if you are interested in a few more pics of the process.




Thanks for looking. Feedback very welcome.

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Thanks for your comments gents. The Australian Army Stiletto was heavily modeled on the Fairbairn Sykes and I believe Sykes was directly involved with it.

The AAS is longer in the blade and flat ground instead of hollow ground.

It is thought that only about 500 were produced, unfortunately a lot of the documents were destroyed by the government for what ever reason.

They were issued to z-force and commandoes, possibly others. Australian commandoes have recently re-introduced them for ceremonial dress.

Well worth doing some Google-fu if interested. There is some good info about them.

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Very nice.


I've always liked the Fairbairn / Sykes, but this is the first of these I've seen.


Is the tang pinned or just epoxy? (can't get on Facebook)


Nice, indeed.

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Thanks Don, no pins in this one. I considered it but couldn't think of how to make it look right. Especially as I didn't have any damascus material to make pins.

I did drill some holes in the very end of the tang for a better hold and its a very tight fit into the handle. I had to shape the tang edges to get it in!

It was a challenging build but I think I'll end up doing another

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