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Professional Scythesmith, 1975, Norway

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It's seldom that I find the need to make a new topic just to post a video, but this video has me totally flabbergasted.

It starts as most scythesmithing videos do, with some tired old smith that lights up his forge, and I suspect he's about to forge a scytheblade or two. -Not the case.
I've heard about these professional one-man factories, but never actually seen it.
-And this was 1975 for petes sake, why isn't this pounded into our memories of national heritage!? Why have we not been shown this video in school, I didn't even know smithing was a career and educational option until a few years ago.

Have a look at 22:30 when he opens his cupboards to put away his finished blades...-It's been an hour since I first saw it, and I still don't know which foot to stand on.

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Daniel, here's one from '79.
As it happens, the Norwegian National Library just now released a bunch of videos of craftsmanship on their Youtubechannel! :D
I do not think they are restricted geographically, please tell me if they are.

It's impressive how this sinewy smith weilds what looks to be a 6 pound sledge onehanded Edited by Steffen Dahlberg
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I presume the last two videos were of the same guy, forty years apart?

I am fascinated by his long handles and strange little thigh guard.

The way I read it is that he is using his thigh as a pivot to better lift the heavy hammer.

If true, that speaks to me because I've always found that the lifting of the hammer is by far the greater danger to ones musculoskeletal well being.

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He began by making a "U" shape out of mild steel steel and put a higher carbon bit inside, am I correct in what I saw?

Edited by Jonathan Hall
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These are really wonderfull vids . Thanks for posting

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