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First symmetrically wrapped axe !


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Hello there!

Took the plunge on a different approach to axe making today!

I recently bought James Austins dvd on how to forge an asymetric axe head, and wanted to explore this method myself. However, i was not exactly thrilled about forging down such massive stock which it requires! So as a compromise i decided to try a symmetric wrap instead, this allowed me to use smaller stock, since the material is effectively doubled on itself!

Starting material was 10 x 35 x 205 mild steel flat, with a bit of ck60 running all the way through the weld!

The axe weighs 450 grams, and the cutting edge is 70mm (2 3/4")


Here the axe is as forged, the mild steel forged much easier than the medium carbon core, and so i had to take a fair bit of material off to expose the seam:



Here the axe is ground:



I etched the edges quickly to see the welds (sort of):





And a picture with the starting material:





Overall i am happy with it, the welding went very well, and i will definitely do more this way! It was also faster to forge than the axes i slit and drift!


Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards

Peder Visti

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Nicely done! Plus running the Ck60 all the way through made it easier to weld than a mild-to-mild seam.


Thanks Alan! And yes, mild to mild is never easy to weld it seems!

Great job,man,a noble,timeless shape!


Nice looking welds,too,i'm envious...!

Thank you Jake! I am very happy with how the welds turned out, this is the longest weld i have ever taken, so seeing it turn out well was a great experience


Best Regards

Peder Visti

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