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A few things in the works; KITH WIP, Wrought Iron Seax, and more.

Isaac Myers

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Hi all, below are a few of the projects I've been dorking around with, the past couple weeks.

The first from the left, is a wrought-iron pattern-welded seax, with a 1095 edge. I intentionally over-etched it, to really define the layers, unfortunately, it had some really heavy pitting in a few spots, that maim the aesthetics. The second-over is a file-knife that I've been procrastinating; It's effectively a test piece for a later project--it'll have "dagger-ized" Petersen L hilt, when finished--it needs a bit more draw-filing before HT. Next is my KITH Puukko, and a test knife (trying out Aldo's steel); experimenting with how it works. Last one is another fiddley knife; just playing with negative space, etching, and handle-work.




A bit more of the seax






My KITH puukko is a 4 bar composite--a layer of wrought, two opposing 1095/"refined" wrought twists, and an edge of 1085. The inside twists were my first attempt at Damascus; really interesting to work with. I haven't found an etchant I'm thrilled with yet--once I do, some pictures will be posted. Sadly, I think I deleted my WIP of this knife, I'll try to take some more as the project progresses.





More detail of the junker knives, both etched in sulfuric acid (~4M). The first, like the seax, was left in the solution for a couple hours.




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That is awesome! The seax and the puukko too.


Have you tried ferric chloride as an etchant?

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That is awesome! The seax and the puukko too.


Have you tried ferric chloride as an etchant?


I haven't tried it, yet; I've heard it's pretty similar to HCl (which I have), but I'll probably put in an order soon, just to play with it a bit.

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Here's a bit of an update on the seax; I've been extremely busy, so these got put on the backburner for a few weeks.

Just a simple copper inlay in the seax. I'm considering adding some detail/pattern to the copper--haven't decided quite yet.




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I also really like the seax blade. you are off to a great start.


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Thanks everyone! It's been slow going in the shop this summer, and it's about to get slower, due to an upcoming move.


Here's another wrought iron/1095 knife; but this time, it's a tad more sensible (I was really in need of a kitchen knife, not a pile of seaxes). A bit more shaping on the handle, and a few scratches to be buffed. I like how it's turning out, I'll try and finish a full set eventually.



Here's the progress on the seax. The plan for is sort of an amalgam of the Gilling sword and the Beagnoth seax. Alot more work to be done on the handle. I'm due for a camera soon, so hopefully future pictures won't be so atrocious.



Another pretty crappy picture, but I managed to figure out how to inset my maker's mark in a satisfactory way.


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