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I am planning a knife with a flower theme, and needed a bit of practise on doing raised inlays of complex shapes. While I was at it I decided to make a video showing the process.

This clip shows one method of doing a raised inlay.

In the clip the recess is cut, and then the lip that will hold the inlay in place is lifted with a wedge punch. This has the advantage of not having to cut the lip level with the background after the inlay is done, but there is very little room for error.


I'll make a clip, showing the method where the lip is raised before the recess is cut, in the coming week.



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Watching true craftsmen like you work always makes me want to take such care with my work and strive for the perfection you achieve. Then I go into the shop and make a fist of everything! Haha, thank you for the demo, I would love to give it a go sometime and you are certainly inspiring me to buy/make some chisels!



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Thank you for taking the time to make and post the video. I had a chance o look at some images of your past work as well (very nice work). Looking forward to the raised lip method.



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