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metallurgy masterclass in Belgium

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Dear all


After meeting on this forum, Niko and i had a lot of conversation. we ended up with the crazy idea to organise a masterclass with both tatara and curcible steel making at my workshop in Hoboken, Antwerp, Belgium.


So here it is, the masterclass will be organised in september 2015. Anyone who is interested in coming over please contact me at klaasremmen(@)gmail.com. We plan to work with 10 participants, more information in the flyer as attachment.


Kind regards



Historical metallurgy masterclass.pdf

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Not sure this class was actually held. It would have been a great experience for anyone interested in making iron/steel. I was a little intimidated by the "master" class idea, as I am a slow learner and quickly intimidated in class settings. I was in the neighborhood during that time,so I can Grrrr as well...maybe they will offer the class again ( maybe over here ). Just reread Niko's methods in another thread and must say, I learned a lot and am very glad that Paper got posted here by Tim ( and thank you to Manouchehr ).



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Hi Everyone


The class was held, ow yes it did!

It was a great experience... in the end a 45kg Kera was made and 22kg Wootz, some of it forged.


Jan and Julien, get in touch if you are in the area!








pictures by Michael Simonini

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