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Tengu Forge traditional tanto

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Posting a few pictures of a completed piece. It was intended as an utsushi of the Komatsu Masamune, but plans for a bohi were given up and the overall shape was changed a bit during the final foundation polishing in order to correct a few kinks. In the attempt to recreate the hamon in the Komatsu, I used clay in a somewhat different way, which seemed to have resulted in a hamon with a lot more internal activity than I'm used to. Or maybe I just happened to hit a sweet spot during heat treating... since this was a relatively long piece for the work that I typically do, I had to use a relatively high heat with a lot of pushing back and forth in the forge.


















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Absolutely beautiful! Jess is right, it reminded me of clouds. Keep doing what ever you did, its gorgeous!

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that one grabbed my attention. the hamon is a great example of the form. I love it!

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thanks everyone for the kind comments. the steel is aldo's 1075 quenched in parks.


we'll have to see if i can replicate what was done here or if it was a fluke of temperature. honestly, it was probably a fluke.

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very nice lines!

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