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Scottie Dog Sgian Dubh

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Here's one I've just finished up as a commission. 1095 blade, ebony handle, silver mounts, copper scabbard covered in goat skin, buffalo horn cabochon and dog's head:


scottie sgian done 2.jpg


scottie sgian done 3.jpg


scottie sgian done 4.jpg


scottie sgian done 5.jpg


scottie sgian done 6.jpg


scottie sgian done 7.jpg


let me know what you think...

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Thanks Alan - that's the general feel I was going for - I always struggle with designing these kind of 'fancy dress' sgians; sgian dubh's are pretty much an object of cultural appropriation anyway, and one with such a 'tartan and shortbread' kind of theme walks a fine line between gentle self mocking and self abasement... But Scotties are proper, bad assed wee hunting dogs, so I wanted to show a bit of that, while still having a sense of whimsy...

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Beautiful work Mr. Cleland .

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I like it. reminds me, for some reason, of the best of the sort of stuff from the Arts and Crafts era, when it really meant a style and not an advertising gimmick.


good work.

as always.


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You often hear the expression, " that's a work of art," frequently aimed at some ridiculous lump of 60's concrete or something equally ridiculous, but in this case, Jake, your sgian really is a proper work of art. Antiques Roadshow in 200 years for sure!


Love it!

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