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I have a fair load of old steel with the composition below. Its all very rusty, but some of it is thick stock, like 50mm x 20mm. Anyone used steel with similar chemical comp.? What would you use it for?


C 0,52 %


Si 0,12%


Mn 0,33%


P 0,011%


S 0,021%


Cr 0,102%


Ni 0,073%


Mo 0,013%


Cu 0,099%



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Looks like it could have been leaf spring?
It should be reasonably good for a felling axe, and superb for a froe.

Can I ask where you had it analyzed? And if you bought the analysis, how much did it cost?

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Maybe a high impact steel something on the order of the S series of tool steels we have in the states. Good for jackhammer blades and power chisels. A little low in carbon for making most knife blades except for big choppers and sword blades.



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just looks like slightly dirty 1050 or EN9? Decent old school medium carbon steel - most of the alloying elements are in tiny quantities, and I doubt do much to the working properties - very low manganese, though, so probably water quench only. I'd try it for Japanese style stuff, personally, or edge bars in a PW.

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My first thought was "tooling", but that could just be because I am severely lacking in that department and tend to dream about adding to it often.

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