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Anyone familiar with these brands of files?

Chase W

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Hey folks, I was perusing my local surplus store, and found their selection of files. Some of the names I know, Simonds, Nicholson, and Grobet, but the rest are new to me. Any names stand out as worthy of purchase in bulk? Any to stay away from?

List of brands:


K&F Mexico

Simonds USA

Simonds Nucut USA

Simonds Nucut 2nd cut

Johnson USA

Johnson USA 2nd cut

Nicholson USA

Lenox USA

Grobet USA


Wood Miller India

Atkins(?) Silver Steel USA

Heller Nucut USA


Marcott & Campbell(?)

Vixen USA

I did buy some already, 3 12 inch Grobet double cut, a 16 inch Johnson 2nd cut, 14 inch Nicholson Canada, 14 inch Simonds Half round 2nd, and a 12 inch square"black diamond" USA. Are these reputable files or did I waste my money?

Thanks for your time.

NOTE: I asked if the files they had out was all they had in stock, and apparently they have "bins full of them in the back".

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You could always resell some here...

I'm not sure what they are charing you, but I'd be all over some US made files at a good price. I also don't mind paying you for the convenience of not having to hunt for them myself.


Sell some to us to make enough money to cover the cost of the ones you want. :)


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No complaints here. ;) I'll see about acquiring more this weekend, and see what all they have.

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