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Damascus kiridashi with irises

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Stuart Smith dropped by a while back, and gave me a piece of damascus. I forged it into a kiridashi but managed to open one of the welds, probable worked to cold. As the flaw was not near the edge and in keeping with my belief that even a bad piece of iron can be made into something beautiful or useful I did some inlays to turn it into a knife suitable for a samurai's wife.


Carving the recesses in the damascus steel was the worst part. Apparently the K600 in the steel has a bad habit of air hardening. Even after tempering the blade my chisels still chipped. The inlay and carving was routine, except that this piece was left "as chiselled". No scraping, no abrasives. The marks are as they came off the chisel.






Specs: length: 155mm (a bit over 6") 18mm at widest, 6mm at thickest
Damascus: Bohler K600 and O1
Inlay: Copper and sterling silver


Thank you for looking.

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Beautiful work! Makes me want to learn more about that type of metal work, really inspiring.

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I can totally see the elegant wife of a samurai arranging flowers and trimming them with her elegant kiridashi. :) Beautiful work!

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