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a skinner and a santoku??? WIP

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hello fellow makers :D
so here i have two blades,
a skinner in 1070 6" blade flat grind

was fun forging the skinner, almost 80% done in forge

and something maybe resembling a santoku?

this one is in 5160 6" from the machi?/ricasso

quite thick there almost 6 mm but tapered to 1 mm down at the point

both blade are ground flat


and now to the point of my post :)

i don't hunt so i have no clue what kind of handle would be best for a skinner,

should i follow the flow and just make it or try to use a particular shape suited for the task of the knife?


for the santoku thingy i would really appreciate if someone can tell me if i went near wit the shape or not :)

and what would be the best ht for a kitchen knife considering that is a carbon steel :)


apart from sand blasting how can i obtain a shiny forge finish?


thank you in advance

as usual critiques and suggestions are more than welcome :D

Hope you can have a nice day and week :)





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