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Stag Handled Hunter

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Hey all,

Here is the latest. It was made for the Tribal Hunter(that is his official title. He is employed by the tribe as a hunter) for the Native Tribe that I work for. I once told him that if he ever happened to have some spare antler, that I would make a knife for him. This is it; a knife made with antler from the Elk he killed.


Steel is 1080 with a little bit of an auto-hamon(Parks 50 is wonderful), Gaboon ebony spacers, and copper.

Blade is 5" with an OAL of 9.85".

Hope you like :)


*edit* I changed pictures. I was unhappy with the initial ones.







Edited by Wes Detrick
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sweet. I love copper, and the fit of the guard looks really tight. I am working more on sculpting guards and playing with subtle curves. But, then I am making a whole pile of simple knives, so I have to play with something.


good work.


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Thanks Kevin. I do my best to make sure the fit is as tight as I can make it, and so far I have done all right at it.


Thanks Phil.

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Wes, I like it, the first thing I noticed was the copper rivets on your sheath, they go good with the fittings, what can I say I like copper. Nice shape and size too, and a good looking piece of antler.

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