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Hi everyone,

I recently acquired a free standing electric/hydraulic shop press. It was a Craigslist find that someone else had built for their home business. I built a guide system to prevent side load on the piston and, based on the pump and cylinder geometry, I think I'm running about 12 tons of force. I bought it with the intention of using it for forge welding Damascus blades, nothing too big.


My question is this; at 12 tons, does anyone have a recommended die area for forge welding? I'm guessing maybe 3"x3", or 4"x3"? I've made some Damascus in the past using the hammer and elbow technique, so I'm pretty much flying blind using this press. Any advice or hints would be most welcome.


Thank you!

Dan Hurtado

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First, find out the running pressure of the unit and then find the size of the cylinder, a little math will give you the total. Second, use dies that will enable you to do your billet in one squeeze is a key, so figure out the billet size you plan to use and work accordingly. Mine are 6" by 2" for welding (and general billet squaring-off after drawing)- you're not drawing things down so you don't need a lot of concentrated pressure, just even pressure across the billet.

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