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Patterned weld rods 3/8" square + 1020 layer stock

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This is the year, the year you finally decide you want to give twisting and composite pattern welding a try, and I can help get you to the fun part!


I have 6 rods, 20 layers of 1095/15N20 in 3/8" square, by 24" long, for sale. The welding was all done in the initial billet, no flux was used. These rods twist up very very well and I have not had a single one delaminate, your results may vary. I am offering these at $20 a piece, or all 6 for $100.


I also have one 1020 layer piece of 1095/15N20, 3/8" thick, 1.25" wide, 26" long. All initial and restacked welds were accomplished without the use of flux. I am asking $150 for this piece.


The main reason for selling these rods is because I am no longer a professional maker and the hobby work that I am playing with has taken me into the realm of natural steels. I don't see myself using this material and I would much rather see it get used then sit around collecting dust and rust.


Thanks and happy twist and welding!




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I'd jump on this if I had the extra money, I couldn't forge my own PW for less than that IN MATERIALS! Hope somebody puts these to good use!

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