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Bolo/Kukri Mix

Whitton J J

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It's been a long while since I've last showed any work I've done on here. When I last tried to post something the site was having a fit and I lost most of my entry and gave up. So I'm going to give this another go.


This is a knife that's been laying around the shop for several years now and only just recently got finished. The blade was forged out of a German chainsaw bar and the handle is... Ash, I think, it was chunk of wood from a pallet that was used to forged the blade and the color is from lightly burning it with a torch. The wood slabs are held on by copper wire rivets. The overall length of the knife is 19" from end to end.




The maker's mark on the blade is not mine but my teacher's symbol. Most of the forge work was done while I was apprenticing under him and so bears his mark as I did not have one.


I made it for my dad and seeing as Fathers day is tomorrow I think it will make a suitable gift.

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