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Recently completed hawk.

5160 gun blued hawk, darkened ash handle with a leather wrap handle.

thanks for the look.














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that looks clean. I am no expert with axes, but I like that one.

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What everyone else said. The lines are so clean on it. I love it and I love the patina on it as well. What did you use to patina the steel?

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I know this is an older post, however i am interested to know is the 5160 a solid piece which was slit and drifted or was it a folded construction? 

Not expecting a reply, but one would be nice. 

Thanks :)

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Hi, Chris.  I'll make and educated guess here.  Due to the chromium content 5160 tends to not to want to forge weld to itself so I expect that it was from a bar that was slit and drifted.


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