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Hi to All!

This is my first post on this Forum. Please let me briefly introduce myself.

Blacksmith. I manufacture both blades and other metal works. I show some of them on my blog: http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/

When I was searching for inspirations I often landed on this forum, so I deceided to joinand not only read and watch but post as well.

Many thanks for all of You sharing your knowledge and ideas.


In this topic I will be showing my works. Today I’m gonna present some of my past ones.


My viking sword test on YT:




Pattern welded knife 6.JPG

Dolabra Topór axe 11.JPG

Pugio knife dagger sztylet 1.JPG

Szabla, Saber 2.JPG

Toporek axe 1.JPG

Toporek axe 2.JPG

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Thank you guys for good words.

Austin Lyles

Actually those are two pictures of the same axe. It is not a replica of any archeoligical find, but my interpretation after watching dozens of them. The body and head are forged from old wrought fibrous iron (I described it here: http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/search/label/Techniczne%2FNarz%C4%99dzia%2FTechnical%2FTools ). The blade was welded of N8E tool steel (0,75-0,85% C + trace other elements like Mn, Si, Cr, Ni and S + P - like 1075 carbon steel). I etched the axe with HNO3.

The axe is looking for a new owner - it's for sale (60USD/50Eur/38GBP). Can I just put an add in proper topic?

I attach 1 more picture of it.


The knife I showed in this category of my blog:



If something is not translated - just scroll down on the bottom and there is option "TRANSLATE" and "choose language".


Currently I'm working on pattern welded kitchen knife - certainly I'll put it here.


Btw. English is not my native language, so be understanding ;-)

Toporek axe 3.JPG

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