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Hello guys!

been a long time hope you all doing fine. :D


soo i finally finished my skinner, first time doing this type of blade, i learned few things while beveling and doing other stuff...


so few specs:

overall length: 10"

cutting edge length: 5"

1070 steel

guard in stainless steel

brass spacer, walnut burl, ebony, colored spacers, and handle in pao rosa

finished with oils and then polished with carnauba wax


sheath is made out of leather, this is my first prototype of the attachment system.

you can easily detach it, and it adapts when sitting and so on


as usual feel free to leave any critique, suggestions, opinions :D i prefer an honest critique to a simple "nice work pal" or whatever xD

1 1.jpg










have a nice week


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I like very much the shape of your blade.


It combines the curve with a point with good piercing potential. I think this is not just a good skinner but a knife that one could use from start to finish on a skinning/slaying day.


Now some thoughts about the design: In my opinion-experience a skinner of that purpose should have no ricasso and the cutting edge should start from the end of the handle. The reason is that if you want to cut a big animal in half with no other tools you have to put a big ammount of pressure to cut through the chest bones. And that is the point that gives maximum leverage (i dont know if it is the correct word).


Well done!

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Thank you!

personally i newer skinned an animal, so i had no clue too shorten the area behind the ricasso,


but i can see how that could help during the dressing of the animal.


i will keep in mind this aspect and purpose for the future skinners i will make.


thank you again :D

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