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Hey everyone!


It's been a little while since I posted something on here. First I'd like to say that I finally have a site up at emilianocarrillo.com and most of what I've made is up there already! Second, I've had very limited access to shop tools this summer, so most of what I've done has been simple hand work. This is a knife I had forged and finished a while ago, but like any good knife it needed a sheath.


This knife was based on 14th century British originals, and the sheath is also based on these. All from the same book.




This is the knife as it was when I first finished it.





I cut the leather with the knife and marked the stitch holes. I used hemp cord to sew the seam shut and used a braided hemp cord as a lanyard string thing.





Took a while, but it is tight and feels good in hand.





The tooling on the back.





It's pretty small! Good boot knife I guess.





I lost light at the end there, so the photos are with a desk lamp, but I'll get better ones tomorrow.


Hope you guys enjoy!



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Thanks everyone! I'm also pretty surprised with the hemp cord. It held up very nicely as I was stitching and it looks rugged, it fits the style pretty well I think! This is kind of test for a sheath for a knife I just sold. I thought to use synthetic sinew on that sheath and since I didn't have any around I thought I would try hemp and see how it went. I still may use the sinew, but this is a feasible alternative!


Here are a few photos I took this morning that are a little better lit.













Thanks again guys :D I'm glad you like it!

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Very nice, the knife and the sheath. Never tried hemp cord but waxing it with a ball of bees wax before use might make it not quite as frayed and give it a as well as too extend its durability! It seems to go well with the knife and sheath as for looks and probably right on for as to being truly used in the period! Two thumbs up!!!!

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I like it, I like how you did the handle. Nice sheath never thought of hemp either. I'm always curious about books which book did you get the idea from?

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Thanks Cliff! And especially thanks for the tip about the beeswax, I have a chunk perfect for this cord! I didn't even think of waxing it before, but I suspect it would have made the actual stitching a lot easier. I thought it might fit the period :) not everyone could afford catgut back then maybe? :D


Jim, thanks! I should have posted the name before! The book is 'Knives and Scabbards - Medieval Finds from Excavations in London'

I don't have a physical copy unfortunately but I had a pdf version I've been using pretty heavily as of late.

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Thank you, I'm looking it up right now.


Edit: amazon $24.00

Edited by Jim P
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Nice job man, very authentic package... these were all the rage in 1250AD London! Two questions... what is the handle wood, it looks a bit like hard maple to my eye... and do you plan to oil the sheath? I'm not sure what oils or greases were available in period, but I'm thinking some neatsfoot oil or mink oil might work...


Interesting, I was wondering where neatsfoot oil came from...

  1. Neatsfoot oil is a yellow oil rendered and purified from the shin bones and feet (but not the hooves) of cattle. "Neat" in the oil's name comes from an old English word for cattle. Neatsfoot oil is used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather.


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Hehe exactly! If only I could go back there and peddle my wears :rolleyes:


The handle is made of quilted maple, though I've wanted to work with some hard maple recently!


Every sheath I've made so far has been oiled with neatsfoot oil. It darkens it up beautifully without need for any extra dye and coats everything perfectly, but on this one I ran out of neatsfoot oil and used a little concoction of beeswax, turpentine, and some other goodies that escape me at the moment! The product is called Kramer's Best, and comes in a nice glass bottle. Although the leather looks dry from the casing it's actually sealed pretty nicely!


That all being said I may go back and use neatsfoot oil on it after all, I really do prefer the look it has!

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