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Damascus 5" Kitchen Utility

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I posted this on my Facebook page this morning and it's already SOLD?!?!? But it's been soooooo long since I've posted anything here - I thought I'd share the photos & spiel.




Here's the spiel on it:


After completing prototypes of my Sylvan series of kitchen knives – and putting them to daily use – this is the first for-sale Sylvan style knife. The Sylvan series combines elegance, functionality, and exceptional ergonomics with a modicum of panache - if I do say so myself.

The 5″ blade is of 1095/15N20 Damascus from a 700 layer billet created here at Elemental Forge. This kitchen utility knife is just over 9″ overall. Brass bolster. Mosaic pin by Sally Martin. Bubinga handle finished in a mix of bee’s wax, carnauba wax, and food grade mineral oil that is both food safe and stands up to kitchen use. $475 + $25 shipping in the U.S.

Note that custom knives with natural material handles will be ruined if put through the dishwasher. These knives must be hand washed. High carbon steel blades will rust and should be hand washed and dried after use. High carbon blades will take a patina over time from foods such as onion, tomato, etc.

I am currently working on a set of stainless steel Sylvan kitchen knives that are dishwasher tolerant.

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I like the way you say dishwasher tolerant, a relative couldn't understand my being upset when I found my ironwood handled kitchen knife in the dishwasher. It looks like it would be great at trimming meat.

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any secrets you are willing to part with on how exactly you did the end of the handle, the near perfect roundness of it quite easily baffles my extremely newb woodworking skills entirely.

aside from the handle which causes my brain to do a divide by 0 segfault, the knife itself is wonderful, If I can make something half as perfect as that it would be an accomplishment to say the least.

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Thanks Robert - the cheesy answer is "carefully" - but I can do a little better than that - here's my current process:

* this is a partial tang knife - so the tang is not an issue with the knife butt

* I've got the pattern drawn out on the computer - using the circle tool to get the profile of the butt

* I trace it onto the wood - then rough cut on the bandsaw, leaving about 1/16" extra all around

* while it's still flat sided I ream out the cavity for the partial tang (I use a drill press vice and drill multiple holes, then chuck up a thin round rasp and clean it out with that) - I also drill the brass pin and mosaic pin holes at this time

* now I take a plastic circles template and re-draw the circle on both sides

* then it's off to the belt grinder - using both the flat platen and a 1/2" contact wheel grind the profile then shape the whole thing - except for the cut-in spiral on the butt

* I freehand sketch in the spiral on both sides and use a very small chisel to cut the spiral

* then it's sand sand sand

Piece of cake, right?

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