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Knife Rights Aggression

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Einar - I spent a while digging around online trying to find a good picture of Lucas Miller's socket handled blade and could only find this shot: http://heavy.com/entertainment/2015/06/alone-cast-tv-show-survivalists-history-channel-winners/3/


It's enough to tell me it's not one of mine, but I can't tell much more. It has a hikot (wooden scabbard open on one side), ideal for rainy environments, but I've never built one. There are a small handful of makers in the U.S. who have, Tai Goo being the one to first spring to mind. The curve of the spine looks like some that Tai has done in the past, but it could just as easily be from the Philippine Igorots or similar tribes, where I believe Tai first got the idea to do socket-handled blades. Tai is the maker that I first learned about the integral socket handle from, but it's a really widespread construction in certain parts of the world, especially where it's rainy. I don't know if that's a factor in why Lucas chose it, but the location they're filming is apparently very wet and it would work well there.


I'd love to see better pics if anyone can dig them up.

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It's amazing what you learn sometimes from innocuous questions. Thanks for that Einar and Stormcrow.

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