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Some recent knives

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I finished this bowie a few weeks ago.



Forged from 1080, 10-inch blade with a walnut and leather handle. Definitely my best bowie so far. This was my first blade with a swedge. I was worried about messing up the blade trying to grind it, but it was fairly easy. I roughed it in with a bench grinder and finished it with a file and sandpaper.



I also made this little seax, and a puukko-esque knife with a leather handle over the winter and never got around to posting them.





Both of these have blades just under 4 inches. The leather handled one was my edc all winter. It looks a little homely, but it's a great cutter. I ended up making a historically incorrect boot sheath for the seax, with a holster clip on it so I could stick it in my engineer boot just for fun. Not the most practical setup for carrying a knife, but a boot seax is pretty nifty.


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I like them all, but the bowie is especially nice. It looks a little like some of the ones Don Fogg made. He did some that had handles that were inspired (it seemed to me) by a combination of Japanese swords and historic Sheffield designs for bowies.


Some of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen were made by Don during this period of his work, in fact.


cool bowie.


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