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Practice Puukko

Robert D.

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So in preparation for potential of my 1084/15N20 forge weld this weekend to fail, I decided I needed to have a monosteel puukko backup blade just in case. So I forged that out about a week ago.

Today I decided to attempt to tackle the semi daunting task of filing a diamond cross section, and to be honest, for it being my first ever attempt at doing something like this, I must say I am actually surprised at how well the bevels have turned out so far.

I am going to clean it up a bit via drawfiling and more time on my jig, but feedback on how close I am to the correct profile would be greatly appreciated.


Steel is O1, I know the tang on this is MUCH shorter then what would normally be on a Puukko, I am hoping to be honest, that my billet works out and I can submit a pattern welded one instead of this one, as I would actually like to keep it as its the first Puukko I have ever made, but if that is not in the cards thats fine, I can always make another one.





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Well that does kinda suck. Sorry to hear it but it started out promising. Looking forward to the PW one!

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Going to try that one tonight, after I screwed the grind up on this one I did just grab another piece of O1 and forged out another one, but its quite a bit thicker then the last one, to give me more room to work with as far as the grind profile, However there is plenty of steel left on it to make it a full flat grind kitchen knife, which is something I have been wanting to try my hand at as well,

kinda want to give the fam kitchen knife sets for christmas this year as pretty much all of us just have crap kitchen sets, So this one will be good practice on heat treating something totally thin such as a pairing knife.

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