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Gerald Boggs

Axe forging classes

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Workshops are in the past, but here's what we did

I've done a couple of workshops on axe forging in the last month. The first was part of a class I did with Mark Aspery at Touchstone School of Craft in Pennsylvania and the second was at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, Virginia. Teaching has helped to refine the methods I use to forge, nothing like the need to explain what you're doing to make you think about what you're doing :-)

One item is size: I have been starting with 10" of 1/2 by 1 1/2 flat bar, but for a person forging their first axe, I've found it's too much material to deal with. 8" of 5/16 by 1 1/4 flat bar is just right and if they have a good strong hammer swing, then maybe 10" of 3/8 by 1 1/2. Both forge out to a nice axe without wearing out the smith.


The first is near finish, just need to complete the heat treatment. Second using the 5/16 had a weld failure, so it's on the way to the scrap pile. The last was as far as time would permit at the Floyd workshop. If I had used the smaller size, I would have been able to demo from start to finish in the time we had.

Picture 858 Large Web view.jpg

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