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Damascus Steak Knife Set

James Higson

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Hi All,


It's been a while since I last posted any work so here we go. I have recently decided to make my life 100% easier and have purchased a power hammer, a little 15Kg Anyang! Anyway, this is the first thing I made with it.


240 Layer damascus

4'' blades

Handle: Ebony and Olive


WP_20150722_003 (449x800).jpg


WP_20150722_007 (519x800).jpg


WP_20150722_008 (624x800).jpg


WP_20150722_012 (800x449).jpg


WP_20150722_015 (800x449).jpg


WP_20150722_017 (800x449).jpg


WP_20150722_020 (800x449).jpg

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I've been thinking about making a set for myself. Those look really nice!

So I gotta ask, how did you do the serations? Filing I assume?

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It is absolutely revolutionary :D I am going to make tons of spring swages and dies for it next weekend so they can sit on the shelf until I find a use for them! I will be attempting my first twisted core sword in the next month or so so I can't wait to get started on it :) And all this from the Anyang Woodpecker!

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