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I'm not sure this is all that much of a controversy.

Use what you want, or what you can market, or what the market demands, or any combination thereof.


I enjoyed the article, though I would challenge the truth of your assertion that it is section rather than material that counts for more when considering toughness. 1" carbon fiber vs. 2" glass?? Hmmmm.

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The comparison you made is more common than you would think. Talking about composites, it is always a question whether CF or GF should be used for a specific part. GF can be equally strong, it only needs a few more layers than CF, and it will flex more if similarly designed (Its weight, however, will be significantly heavier due to GF-s higher specific weight, which leads to the cause why we see CF in high-end applications). The point is that GF composites need not be much heavier (just thicker), although they have the fraction of UTS than their CF equivalents.

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