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Some random stuff

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Just some random stuff I have work left to do on.



Top is O1, Destined to be a skinner type knife, forged from 1/2 inch round stock.


Second is a sheepsfoot, I decided after forging my 2nd puukko KITH blade ( which is currently soaking in Vinegar so I can clean and shape it this weekend ) that I wanted to try something I had not attempted before, this is also O1 1/2 inch round stock as its base.


Last, is a " imnotsurewhattocallit " that is the result of me taking a 4"x1" section of 1/4 inch 5160 stock to the forge with the intent only of making a blade at least 6 inches long with a hidden tang.


tomorrow after my puukko has finished soaking I will put the cross section on it, and then file all the bevels on these, essentially all of them will end up with the same handle treatments, Brass handguards/ bolsters and white hickory for the handles. I think I might try secondary finger guard on the bottom one ( I think that is called a sub pommel ? ) but otherwise they will essentially all get the same materials for handles.



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Really clean looking grinds. I am surprised no one commented on these. The sheep's foot profile is nicely executed, but my favorite is for sure the bottom design, looks like a fantastic chopper/ camp knife.


Are you planning on doing an edge quench/hamon on the sheep's foot?

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If the blade on the bottom curved downward a bit more, I might call it a Gurkha. As it is, I think it's just a big bowie knife. Nice work all round.

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I actually hardened all three of these plus the other three knives I have been working on last night.


all the 5160 knives are in the oven right now tempering, once they are done the O1 knives will go in for their second round of tempering.

I didnt think of trying to do a edge quench on the sheepsfoot, now that you mention it, that would have looked pretty sweet, Ohh well, guess I need to make another one now. Going to try and get all three of these ones, and the other three done this week, the girlfriend is getting a bit peeved at me for the time I spend in the shop every day, especially since I start a new one like every other day, but dont finish them in the same time frame as starting new ones.


I want to try my hand at making a kukri soon, but currently my heat treating process wouldnt handle such a big blade, that bottom knife so far is the biggest thing ive been able to fit in my pipe, need to get a bigger one so I can do larger items.

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